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  • Art, music, theater / film, and television
  • History, politics, and local
  • Science and nature
  • Animals and birds
  • Travel
  • Home improvement and oversize
  • Business and law
  • Cookbooks (food and wine)
  • CDs and vinyl
  • Comic books and action hero figurines
Store books gallery

Art, Theater, Film, Television, and Music

We offer all types of art books: photography, painting, drawing, and how-to. Many of these are oversized and quite large, so they get the top shelf in this section. The second shelf contains books about theatre (though the plays are shelved elsewhere), film books (both popular and academic), and television (books about certain shows and genres, plus a few novelizations or fiction books based on TV shows). Rounding out this artistic section is a shelf of books on music — books about musicians, musical genres, and musical instructional books with piano and / or guitar tabs, as well as a variety of percussion, strings, and woodwind books (as of this writing, even three books on bagpipes).
Store books gallery

History, Politics, and Local

The history section is probably the largest nonfiction section in the store. Books are arranged more or less chronologically from prehistory through the Renaissance, early American history through the Civil War and up to World War I. The World War II section occupies several shelves. Then there is a movement through the ’50s, ’60s, and on up to recent history. There are also books on general military history, women’s history, etc. The end of the history section includes books on the history of other countries and cultures (the Middle East, Scotland, and Russia, to name a few). A section on politics rounds out the bookcase, featuring books by (and about) politicians and pundits along with books on political science. The top shelf contains an ever-growing section of local and regional books from Winona, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and the Midwest in general. Anyone interested in any aspect or period of history should be able to find something they’re looking for in this section of the store.
Store books gallery

Science and Nature

The nonfiction science section is devoted to all types of science. It includes a selection of books on astronomy and space, from textbooks to popular culture books. Other sciences represented include Geology, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. There are books on science experiments for kids and adults as well as several books on brain science. Books on evolution and environmental issues as well as Field Guides on various subjects are available. A number of the Time / Life nature books round out this section. This section also offers general interest books for the scientifically inclined and nonscientist and books for the science student.
The science section also contains a subsection of books on math. These include textbooks, algebra help books, books on computers and the Internet as well as math puzzles and games.
Store books gallery

Animals and Birds

At the end of the science and nature section is a separate but related section devoted to our animal friends. Lots of books on dogs and cats (picture books, story books, training manuals), other pets (rabbits, ferrets, fish), farm animals (horses, sheep, llamas), and wild animals (living in the wild, John Muir, etc.) are available. There is also a subsection on books on birds and birding / bird-watching, field guides, etc.
Travel books


The travel section, which shares one of its shelves with the bird books as one can see from the photo above, contains a number of photo books as well as travel guides and books of travel writing (several collections). Travel includes books on various places around the U.S., including local books on Minnesota. Subjects range from Hawaii to the Arctic. There are books on Europe – from Prague to Germany, Paris to Ireland, Luxembourg to Sweden, and others; books on the Far East: Bangladesh, China, Japan, etc. Travel guides currently include Baedekers, Fodor’s, Lonely Planet, and National Geographic Traveler. Whether you’re going on a vacation or just want to take a trip in your mind, check out our travel section.
Home Improvement and Oversize books

Home Improvement and Oversize

 Whether you have a small repair or a major home project to work on, check out our home improvement section. Many books on home repair and improvement, “fix-it yourself” series, upholstery, and the like populate this section. Interior decorating also fits here, as do books on real estate, home selling, and even topics like auto repair.
The oversize section shares a top shelf with the home improvement section and contains books from all over the nonfiction shelves that simply won’t fit on the regular-sized shelf. Lots of travel books from around the world, atlases, as well as books on baseball (right now) that fit the “coffee table” description can be found here.

Business and Law

The business section (two shelves worth at the moment) should be pretty self-explanatory. This section contains books on general business topics, management, leadership, marketing, and investing, for example. At the end of the business books sits the newest section in the store: law. I picked up a few law manuals and books on legal issues that I felt deserved their own section; hence the minimal, but no doubt growing, law section.

Cookbooks (Food and Wine)

This section contains books about food, nutrition, and entertainment as well as a lot of cookbooks from vegetarian and ethnic to gluten-free, diabetic, and more. Also, visible in the lower right corner of the above photo is a box full of (mostly local) church and community cookbooks.
CD and Vinyl

CD and Vinyl

Choose from a variety of music with vintage vinyl and compact discs.
Comic Books

Comic Books and Action Hero Figurines

Choose from a variety of comic books and action hero figurines.
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